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Pushpmeet Singh Gulati

From starting as an excited yet scared member, finding it difficult to interact with other teammates to serving as the President of a team that stood runner up in the 1 Race 4 Oceans Competition against 36 other nations, Enactus became my life!

Over the past two years, I have acquired skills ranging from strategic business development to content & graphic design, from managing a team of 60 enthusiastic members visiting a village on a field trip to presenting our projects to investors and senior partners of globally established firms, from celebrating the tiniest of our achievements to embracing our failures and building upon them. This organization has nurtured me into the person I am today.

In the year 2019-20, Enactus SGGSCC has achieved tremendous heights, won numerous competitions and titles, and created an impact in the best way possible. We have worked as a family and established ourselves at a global level. I sincerely hope that the future holds even better opportunities for us.

Enactus isn't just any other college society, it is an organization bigger than one can imagine, Enactus is a way of life!


Yashwik Ahuja

There's no word in any of the dictionaries in the world to describe my experience at Enactus. I wish I was attached to it only professionally, but, fortunately, it became that part of my life which still is impossible to seperate.
What started for me like just another society is now the reason behind the most beautiful memories in my mind and almost all the skills I possess.
Being at the position of Vice President was not a flowery journey. The team had its own share of failures and disappointments, but what made this experience unique was the way we bounced back each and every time, with the same zeal and motivation and overcame each and every hurdle in our way.
From tackling the villagers and slum dwellers, to collaborating with teams across the world and presenting our project to the Government of India, the journey was magnificent and each and every moment was worth our efforts and dedication towards this society.
With cold feet and full of optimism, we were there, representing our nation in front of 36 others. No other feeling would be able to come even near to it, ever.
Being declared as the 1 Race 4 Oceans Runner Up, beating 116 other projects was the cherry on top. I couldn't have asked for a better end to my Enactus journey.
The future of Enactus SGGSCC is exciting and the teams all over the world are looking forward to competing against one of the best Enactus teams from India. All the best!


Sparsh Agarwal

Enactus SGGSCC is not just a society, it's a way of life, once you're in this, there is no going back. Enactus teaches you more than what theory in any class or attending any event will teach you. It is the only place where I have discussed projects with the CEO of Dell and Coca Cola and at the same time, have interacted with thousands of strangers from investors, corporate giants, ministers to panchayats and villagers. We as a team have slept in villages of Rajasthan which didn't even have proper vegetation and have also had lunch with Global Leaders in the US. Honestly, I always dreamt of leading a team but instead, the team led me to who I am today. Lastly, we built, we created, we empowered, we impacted, we will always be Enactus Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Of Commerce!


Palash Jain

Joining Enactus back in 2017 was one of the best things that could have happened to me. When you're part of a compassionate and motivated Enactus team, there are no boundaries to new learnings and innovations. Leading the society to Top 12 teams in the World Water Race 2018 and projecting the impact of Project Tabeer at San Jose is one of the most precious memories edged in my memories. Finally ending my tenure on a high with a beautiful team of 45 members leading Enactus SGGSCC to Top 5 teams at Nationals’19 speaks volumes of the effort our team put in and the impact Project Book A Plant and Project Kashti had over the years. After all the hustle and hard work, it all seems super fair as the thing that mattered the most was spreading smiles and livelihood. Always a proud ENACTUS associate.

Our Projects

Project Kashti

The lack of socio-economic development in the rural areas costs the country billions of dollars every year.

In alignment with the larger objective of rural development, Project Kashti seeks to tap the prevalent issues in rural areas by its 6 segment approach, namely, Skill Development, Water Filtration, Waste Management, Sanitation, Smart Education, and Improved Agriculture Practices. It has generated 144 entrepreneurs, and has helped the communities in utilizing their latent potential, providing them equal opportunities, and encouraging them to be the pioneers of the growth of our country.

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Project Dariya

Project Dariya is a coherent application of innovation to minimize plastic pollution at its very source.
Working towards the goal of achieving waste-free oceans, its primary objective is to responsibly collect, segregate, dispose and recycle waste.

Structured as a bi-segmented model, The first segment consists of an innovative device called Wastrawl. Suspended in water streams it acts as a trash barrier preventing the waste from flowing past it and entering into the oceans.In the second segment, PLEX, a plastic exchange platform is set up to facilitate an exchange of plastic waste with basic necessities. Dariya aims to provide its beneficiaries with sustainable livelihoods and improved standards of living.

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